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Belonging leads to brand advocacy

When you strengthen communities, network effects flourish

Brands that cultivate belonging generate greater engagement, awareness, brand value, and revenue.

We believe there’s massive potential for brands that authentically participate with communities. Successful brands make the mindset shift from top-down communication and ownership to community marketing based on meaningful collaboration and participation. Authentic brand participation in a community leverages the members' sense of belonging, which in return boosts loyalty, advocacy and purchase intent.



We know from our research that belonging has a direct correlation to purchase intent. Brands that participate in communities and foster belonging can harness the network effects that occur to increase awareness, boost profitability and capture greater market share.



Network effects

The evolution of marketing

Belonging matters more than ever. People are searching for community as an antidote to loneliness. Given this context, it’s imperative to include community marketing to round out your overall marketing mix. It's time to recognize that the potential for businesses to connect to communities represents a significant growth opportunity.

Mass marketing

Targets demographics

Works by testing and discovering messages that appeal to groups of people who have certain characteristics in common.

Performance marketing

Targets individuals

Works by customizing and delivering targeted messages to people, one at a time.

Community marketing

Targets groups of people with shared interests and values

Works by participating in the community as a member to add value to the collective group.

Belonging Drives Purchase Intent

Through the power of network effects, an engaged community does much of the marketing and promotion themselves, effectively reducing marketing costs and increasing ROI. Understanding what makes a strong community is essential to unlocking the potential of communities and their ability to create exponential growth.

With the Belong Quotient by Sid LeeTM, there’s now a measurement framework to assess brand performance across the pillars that are foundational to a strong sense of community belonging.

Get ahead in a market with network effects and chances are you win everything.

Bharat Anand, professor and author of The Content Trap

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