How Gen Z
and Millennial Communities
Drive Business
2021 Belong Report
How Gen Z
and Millennial Communities
Drive Business
What You’ll Learn
From Our Report
How belonging
will be your competitive edge
How to rally communities
(especially the youth)
How to harness the power of
network effects to drive growth
And ultimately, how to participate
in communities as a brand
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A group of people dancing together in the street as people film with their phones.
If a company can transition from simply delivering a product to building a community, it can unlock extraordinary competitive advantages.
Harvard Business Review
We Belong
to Each Other

Belonging is a fundamental hallmark of being human. We find it through people like us, our communities, which are no longer tethered geographically.

This year, in the midst of the pandemic, we set out to understand how brands can harness the power of community to inspire this sense of belonging. We picked the brains of 8000 young adults across the globe. What makes communities seek out specific brands? And how can these brands influence and build long-lasting ties with those communities?

A group of friends embracing in celebration together.
The greater
the number of user
the greater
the network
the greater
the brand value

The Belong Effect is a global research initiative by Sid Lee to study communities and help marketers activate their potential.

It examines the different types of communities, the pillars that make a strong community around which members organize, and how brands attach to their communities.

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