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How Gen Z and Millennials communities drive business growth

In our inaugural Belong Effect 2021 Report, we set out on a journey to uncover how brands can harness the power of communities.

We tested our community hypothesis and outlined the four key pillars of strong communities and the 5 types of communities that define modern life. We also identified a massive role for brands to engage in communities — and significant benefits for doing so.

In This Report You Will Learn
In This Report You Will Learn
Key behavioral trends that define authentic brand interactions with communities
The benefits of new types of community participation strategies
New frameworks for how to identify community opportunities

We define key insights that can help you improve your community marketing.

Whatever members feel towards their communities will carry to your brand when you participate authentically.


say that brands linked to their communities reflect their identity.


of community members would participate in an initiative launched by a brand connected to a community.


of whom would try to get others to join, both members from their community and people from outside the community.

If a company can transition from simply delivering a product to building a community, it can unlock extraordinary competitive advantages.

Harvard Business Review

Brands must participate as a member. True belonging is not passive.

When brands actively participate in communities, they create a competitive edge.

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