Nike is not afraid to dig into what’s next for their community. Whether that means innovating shoe technology, pushing the envelope of fashion or wholeheartedly embracing the future of culture, Nike’s willingness to be out front keeps their youthful spirit alive and their brand one of the most recognizable around the globe.


Sneakerheads know your kicks speak volumes about who you are. And Nike is still their mainstay, fueling a lucrative $6 billion resale market and subculture. In a survey that targeted 9,500 teens across the United States, with an average age of 15.8, Nike held the top spot for the ninth year in a row. Thanks to Nike’s participation in causes that matter to all of its communities, consumers continue to take on the brand as a personal style statement.


Nike+ connects members to a social network of peers who offer motivation, challenges and advice on running. The community showcases its large member base on its landing page, and users can also discover Facebook friends who are already members of the community. That’s enough to convince most people that they will find a likeminded individual or two with whom to form a group once they register.


Nike fans have many reasons for sporting the swoosh. Artistic and creative collaborations are a principal driver, granting exclusive access to new designs. In the first few weeks of Travis Scott’s collaboration on the SB Dunk, the resale value on the sneaks commanded eight times the retail price on the street fashion resale market. The average resell value of Nike Jordan 1s are two to three times the retail price. But collaborations are just the tip of the iceberg of Nike's community connections: fashion, street style, resell, sports, music, and the list goes on.


The “Just do it” tagline is deeply ingrained in popular culture and is widely used as a rallying cry. Conversation-starting ads in 2020 addressed significant social topics ranging from racial equality to gender equity and beyond, and Nike's decision to stand by Colin Kaepernick when he knelt during the national anthem still reverberates with loyalists. The brand also found a new wave of consumers in the pandemic — those looking to exercise in isolation. Nike launched the “Play inside, play for the world” campaign and removed the paywall for its Nike Training Club membership to encourage their community to connect over exercise. During Nike’s fiscal fourth quarter, workouts on the company's Nike Training Club app more than tripled.


The total number of best selling sneakers in 2020 from Nike


The K-pop fanbase that’s so inclusive and deeply connected, it can be immediately activated.

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