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Today’s most effective brands cultivate belonging

The Belong Effect by Sid LeeTM

When we truly belong, we act on behalf of our community. Our sense of belonging drives us to advocate for our community and recruit others to join us.

The Belong Effect is a research initiative to understand how brands can tap into the vibrant energy of communities and channel that into marketing outcomes with greater customer advocacy and the potential for exponential business growth.

Our research uncovers why some communities are stronger than others, the foundational pillars that create a powerful community, and best practices for how brands might participate as true members inside communities.

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The Belong Report: Our annual deep dive into Gen Z and millennial community insights

Every year we survey 8,000 Gen Z and millennials across the globe to understand their intrinsic need for belonging and explore the opportunity for brands within their communities.

Team of women soccer players embracing and celebrating together.Introducing the Top 10 Community Brands

The Belong Index by Sid LeeTM

Our list of the top 10 brands doing community best. We use our proprietary metric, The Belong Quotient by Sid LeeTM, to rank the top community brands of the year. Learn who has the best BQ ScoreTM and check out how these brands are activating the four pillars of community to improve their marketing outcomes.

Why This Matters

Community marketing is about more than just your social channels. Brands that foster a sense of belonging within communities can boost loyalty, advocacy and purchase intent. The Belong Effect aims to provide ongoing research, insights, and tools to help marketers unlock the potential of communities to drive exponential growth by tapping into the power of belonging.

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